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Windrunner -Hero Baru v6.55- + Map v6.54b AI

October 11, 2008

Sekarang awa bahas mengenai hero baru kedua, kalo kemaren tipenya strength nah skarang hero baru ni (masih di sentinel tipenya intelligence

Sebelum itu kalo yang blom punya map DOTA v6.54ai plus donlod dulu disini

So here we go

In the valleys of Winterspring, deep within the verdant glades of the Forest of Trees, an elf with the power of the wind makes her home. She joined the Sentinel as a free agent shortly after the War of the Magi. Favored by the Goddess of Wind, Alleria received many blessings. Her arrows fly straight and true, piercing all enemies in a line. She can lace her arrow with wind and bind enemies together by creating ethereal shackles. Her footsteps are hastened by the currents of air. It is known that she can dispatch enemies at blinding speed by releasing a flurry of arrows. She is indeed a worthy enemy of the Scourge.

Attack Range 600
Movement Speed 295
Primary Attribute Intelligence

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Dota v6.55b -Kunkka, Admiral Proudmoore-

October 10, 2008

Ni salah satu hero baru di Dota v6.55b, ad dua sih, tapi satu2 dulu yahhh :P, dua2nya dari sentinel, nah awa reviewin salah satu hero nya namanya Kunkka, Admiral Proudmoore

Of all the allies in the Sentinel’s ranks, only one, is known by as many names and is feared in as many lands. Called Capt. CoCo by his mates, Jacksparrow by others, The Legendary Mariner by some. but only a select few, know his real name and what it stands for. He can harness the powers of the depths to conjure torrential geysers that blast his enemies into the air. His elegant blade is sworn to the Seas and with each mighty swing it ebbs like the tides. Using a watery form of spacial magic, he can bring you back to your original destination. The Captain now sails towards the Scourge lands, aboard his Phantom vessel boosting the spirits of his comrades with his fabled Rum, paving the way for the victory of the Sentinel. He is Kunkka, Master and Commander of the seven seas.

Attack Range 128(melee)

Movement Speed 300

Primary Attribute Strength

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