Burgerkill lagi… free mp3 bonus lyric

October 6, 2008

Burgerkill lagi, yes man, awa sengaja ngeuplod beberapa lagu dari album beyond coma and despair, ni post lanjutan dari post ini karena cuman ad satu lagu am satu video rasanya kurang banget 🙂 jadi awa sengaja ngeshare lagi lagu2 dr band cadas ini 🙂

Untuk lebih detail mengenai burgerkill, begundal hellclub clik ini aja
Ya cuman mw ngeshare koleksi awa aj coy, semoga pada suka 😛
here we go

Ada empat lagu yang awa uplodin bwat ente2

yang pertama beyond coma and despair
yang kedua we will bleed
ketiga shadow of sorrow
n keempat suffer to death

Berikut dengan lyricnya yang diambil langsung dari website officialnya

berhubung beyond coma and despair ga ad lyricnya jd langsung aj ya

We Will Bleed

We are.. We are from slum
Breed in Blasphemy
We will bleed..

We will bleed for you !

We will bleed for sure
for what We believe
We will set the fight

You can see this pieces of Lust
There’s no place to hide

This is reality

Shadow of Sorrow

No more feeling, just a fucking thing..
Bitter taste of desperate..

Reject, dissapoint is the word
For many excuses
I’ve lost in my own faith..

Sold my heart to nothingness
Broken faith i cannot fix
My heart is dying…

Give me one last breath
To prove myself right

Shadow Of Sorrow..
Just A fucking thing,
Kill Me !

Give me one last breath
To prove myself right
Give me one last breath
To live my way,To live my hate..

Shadow Of Sorrow..

Suffer to Death

Let me breathing..
I got no cash, i got no place to stay
What a worthless life?
I got no plan, i got no future yet
Everything just same old bullshit

Why i can’t stop to complaining this way?
Why i cannot stand..
Make me suffer to death
Make me lost my mind.. Why?
Why i cannot stand?

Nothing new and nothing change
I got no pride to live my life
I need more space to change my destiny
Everything so dark…Unpredictable…

I need friend to sharing
For these so much pain
All the faith despair..
I need friend to heal,
For this so much hurt
I cant through this hell..
I cant through this hell..

yupz silakan d donlod 🙂 kalo ente ngefans juga am ni band leave comment bisa request jg 🙂


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  1. kasi aq lagu na donk…
    kirim ke email ku….
    sorry ne comment na cma minta lagu…

  2. Khusus pra pcnt burgerkill, klu lo tau tngtng mndlm burgerkill, tlong krmn smw’ k

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